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Lost in the Stars…everything you need to know about Martin Gore, the artist (ravishing beauty, existential angst, cabaret-style light & darkness, Germany ;)) in under 3 minutes. Almost everything, anyway :)

There was this one interview (Galore? Need to look it up) in which he said, if he could have only kept one single song it would have been Lost In The Stars.

Yes! That he was basically satisfied with the record just having done that track, or something to that effect (?). How telling - to a person who loves music as much as he does, this song (& his feelings about their performance of it) must signify something special indeed :)


My all-time favorite album turned 17 today.

The album that nearly didn’t happen, the album that Martin was considering to possibly release as solo album (if all things would have gone wrong), the album that I really found strange in the beginning, the first album after Alan Wilder left the band, the album that marked the beginning of a new era in DM world yet again.

Happy birthday Ultra!


Happy Birthday Depeche Mode with your single ‘A Question Of Lust’ released on 14|4|1986, 28 years ago (yes… it’s really that long ago) !

It is the 2nd Depeche Mode single with Martin Gore on lead vocals after the single ‘Somebody’.The B-side is an instrumental called “Christmas Island”, named after the island of the same name. It is penned by both Martin Gore and Alan Wilder and was produced by Depeche Mode themselves. The live tracks available on some versions of the single are taken from a 1984 concert in Basel, Switzerland, one of those live tracks recorded there is ‘People Are People’, a song they don’t play live anymore for a long time now since that time.

Highest Chart Peakings: #8 in Germany


Happy Birthday Depeche Mode with your album ‘Ultra’ released on 14|4|1997, 17 years ago !

The Album was produced by Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass) & there were 4 singles released; Barrel of a Gun , Home , Useless & It’s no Good. The Album that almost didn’t make it as a Depeche Mode album but as a solo album from Martin Gore alone, while Dave Gahan had drug problems, which culminated in a near-fatal overdose.(His ‘Two Minute Warning, Two Minutes Later When Time has Come My Days Are numbered’- experience)This album became Depeche Mode’s 1st as a trio since 1982’s ‘A Broken Frame’ again.

Highest Chart Peakings: #1 Sweden, Germany , Belgium & UK

There was not a real Ultra Tour  but the songs where played along the Singles Tour in 1998 though;

nice link via youtube is a show - 

Depeche Mode - The Spectrum Philly 11-1-98 (full show) GREATEST HITS TOUR


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